Curvy Careers

Curvy Careers. Earn Money, Have Fun. Simple

Interested in becoming a Curvaceously Yours Consultant?

Our beautiful lingerie is in big demand and very soon we will be looking for ladies all across Australia who would like to sell our Curvy Lingerie and earn some money in their spare time.

You choose your preferred style of selling e.g. Lingerie Parties, Online/ Brochure Parties or Simply sell to friends, relatives or workmates using our brochure to introduce your potential

Customers to Curvaceously Yours and earn commission on everything you sell. Simple.For further information simply drop us at line at Or call for a chat on 03 98790595.

Possibly two of the things we want most out of our work are enjoyment and a healthy income. With Curvaceously Yours Curvy Party Plan you can have both. Running your own Curvy Party Plan Business is great fun, you’ll meet great people, can earn great money and get the satisfaction of knowing that you are really helping to add a little ‘Curvy Spice’ into ladies lives.  Most importantly though is that you are in control of your own destiny. You’ll work the hours that suit you, have the opportunity to earn 100’s of dollars every week and be working in a job you enjoy.

So come on ladies, what are you waiting for? Join the Curvy Revolution, make money, have fun and grow with us across Australia & New Zealand as we spread the word of Sexy, Curvy, Curvaceously Yours Confidence.


How do I sell the Curvaceously Yours Collection?

Our mission is to empower women, both through our Lingerie that we sell to our customers and also through the opportunities for success that we offer our consultants. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with your new career so for that reason you can choose exactly how you would like to sell the Curvaceously Yours Collection to your customers.  Choose a style that suits you best or swap and change your selling style depending on how much time you would like to devote to your business.

  • The simplest way is to sell directly from our brochures. Sell to friends, family and work colleagues with no outlay for buying a stock package. Encourage your customers to also look on line at the full range. Once they decide what they want all Sales will come through you and you get the commission on everything you sell.
  • Hold Brochure and Online parties with groups of friends and friends of friends.
  • The best way to achieve sales is to hold Curvy Lingerie Parties. Let your customers get up close and personal with a range of Lingerie from your very own Curvaceously Yours Collection.

Investments for our Curvy Party Plan Lingerie Packages start at as little as $350 for $600 worth of best selling styles. Flexible payment plans and the opportunity to add new styles to your Curvy Range with Consultants Discounts means it couldn’t be easier for you to build a fantastic Curvy Collection.

What Do I Get When I Start a Curvy Party Plan Business with Curvaceously Yours?

  • Great Commission Structure making it possible  / easy for you to earn 100’s of Dollars every week.
  • Your business – Your way. Sell from our brochure to family, friends, work colleagues and neighbors or invest in a range of product, using our flexible payment plan, and host Curvy Lingerie Parties – you decide.
  • Completely flexible working to suit your commitments. Whether you want to do just a few hours a week or turn it into a full-time career, it’s a business you can mange with your personal life
  • Training and support from head office and also, where possible, training and support from experienced Curvy Consultants in your area.
  • A tempting offer for party hosts plus party incentives to help drive your future bookings, all funded by Curvaceously Yours.
  • Free weekly deliveries to you.

How Much Will I Earn

That’s entirely up to you and the sky’s the limit. The more Lingerie you sell, the more you can earn.  Based on Net Sales (Sales less GST) of $600 your basic commission would $120.

  • 2 Parties a week with Net Sales of $600 per party or 2 x $600 worth of Net Brochure Sales earns you a minimum of $960 a (4 week) month. That’s over $11,520 a year for approximately 5-6 hours work a week! Less if you are just selling from our Catalogue.
  • 3 Parties a week with Net Sales of $600 or 3x $600 worth of Net Brochure Sales earns you $360 per week that’s $1440 per (4 week) month or $17,280 per year for approx. 8-9 hours work a week. Less if you are just selling from our Catalogue.

Remember the more Lingerie you sell the more you earn:

  • 3 Parties a week with an average Net Sales of $700 will earn you $420 per week, $1680 per (4 week) month or  $20,160 per year for approximately 8-9 hours a week work.

How Many Hours will I Need To Work

Again, this is entirely up to you. It’s your business, and we will support you at every step. It’s completely flexible and you work the hours you want, around your current commitments.

  • Generally for Parties you will need to allow time to: Arrange the party details with your hostess. Travel to and from your party venue. Party set up, generally 20 mins. 1 1/2 hours for the party, which includes time for your ladies to view the catalogue, try on lingerie and for you to collate orders. After the party you will need to allow time for placing your customer orders with us and organising your banking. All of your customer orders will be individually gift wrapped and delivered to you for distribution to your hostess, generally within 5 working days.
  • Catalogue orders will take less of your time. Get together with friends, family, work colleagues etc over a coffee to view the catalogue and take orders. Distribute your catalogue to your friends etc and arrange a time for them to come back to you with their orders, or why not organise a Curvy Girls Night in with some drinks, nibbles… and of course lots of catalogues!

Do I Need Sales Experience

  • Nope! But a few things that will help you succeed will be an outgoing personality, lots of self-motivation, basic computer skills and a real eagerness to make your business a success. Training is provided; we’ll give you our full support and provide you with everything you need to get started.

How Do I Pay For and Deliver Orders

  • You will place your orders with our sales team who will organize a free weekly delivery to you. All you then have to do is pass your orders onto your customers.

Who Will This Business Suit?

  • A career with Curvaceously Yours will suit anyone looking to change their lives, increase their income, become their own boss and who has the determination to run their own business.  All shape & sizes are very welcome to join our Curvaceously Yours team …So what are you waiting for !